T2 Systems

Online Courses

USD 395.00

*Access to full Recorded Video Library

Purchase of the Recorded Video Library gives access to over 60 recorded training videos to you and your entire staff for an entire year. Areas covered are Flex PE, Flex PARCS, Digital Iris, BOSS, Crystal Reports, Enforcement and FlexPort.

Digital Iris Part 4: Collections, Maintenance and Reports

FREE WEBINAR: This session will examine how to use Digital iris to effectively and efficiently monitor your pay stations’ performance, both from a Collections as well as a Maintenance perspective.

USD 199.00

Live Online Training: Cash Drawer and Financials/Reports

This session will discuss opening and closing a cash drawer, basic types of financial transactions, closing and reconciliation as well as obtaining information from Flex with searches, finder and standard reports.

USD 199.00

Live Online Training: Citation Manager/Appeals

This session is an in-depth discussion of both the Citation Manager and the Appeals Manager including all menu options, content managers and processes both in the office and online.

USD 199.00

Live Online Training: Flex Configuration/Dashboards

T2 Flex’s Configuration menu is where all business policies and rules are defined. Learn how to make Flex work with your business practices and terminology, assign privileges and discuss best practices.

USD 199.00

Live Online Training: Flex Overview/Customer Manager/Vehicle Manager

This session will provide you with an introduction to navigate Flex and in-depth discussions on both the Customer Manager and the Vehicle Manager including all options, functionality and best practices.

USD 199.00

Live Online Training: Permit Configuration

Are you ready for permit season? Whether you are starting from scratch, just need to re-visit your configuration or are new to your position, you will learn everything you need to know to get your permits on sale in this instructor led course.

USD 199.00

Live Online Training: Permit Configuration/Reports

This session goes into detail on permit number ranges and permit control group options. Learn best practices for renewing, visitor permits, printable permits, cloning permits and more. We will also discuss getting information from Flex.

USD 199.00

Live Online Training: Permits Manager/Bulk Permits

Learn to navigate the Permits Manager and Bulk Permits Manager including all the menu options and content managers. Discuss selling, returning and refunding permits and enough of the configuration to understand why certain options are offered.

USD 199.00

Live Online Training: Query Manager/Letters

Learn to use the Query Manager wizard to report from Flex by pulling together multiple tables and views. This tool will reduce your dependency on Crystal Reports. Queries are also used with the Task Scheduler, Email Management and Dashboard Widgets.

USD 199.00

Live Online Training: Task Scheduler/FlexPort Admin Console

Learn to use the Task Scheduler to automate processes.
Navigate the Admin Console, change settings and instructions to your customers, investigate errors and create new users.

USD 1500.00

Workshop: Crystal Reports

Hands-on, in-person introductory Crystal Reports workshop to help you make most of your analytics. Learn how to create, modify and format reports.

USD 1500.00

Workshop: Flex Administrator

This is the workshop that every “Flexpert” needs to attend. In this hands-on, in-person workshop we will dive in to Flex configuration, best practices and good data management. You will leave with great tips and tricks to get the most out of Flex.

Workshop: Luke II Pay Station Training

Hands-on, in-person training session intended to provide our customers and partners the training required to service and support the Digital Luke II pay station and manage it’s back end software.

USD 2000.00

Workshop: PARCS

Learn how to service and support T2 PARCS in this hands-on, in-person 3-day course. Basic device configuration, detailed hardware overview, setting up a mock facility and everything in between.

T2 Systems was founded in 1994 with one goal: make parking better. Our focus is on our customers, which means giving you more solutions to make parking management as seamless as possible. To that end, we offer our UNIFI Parking Management Platform—the parking industry’s most comprehensive solution suite.

Our solutions are designed to make parking easier for the people who make parking work—you.